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Burns Pet Food
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Burns Pet Food uses the minimum of ingredients to produce maximum benefits for dogs, cats or rabbits. Developed by veterinary surgeon John Burns in 1993, it’s just simple, nutritious, easy to digest food for all life stages. It makes pets happy and healthy inside and out and is hypo-allergenic to suit the most sensitive stomachs.

Ice Cream for Dogs
Marshfield Farm
Ice Cream for Dogs​
Scoop’s Ice Cream for Dogs is a product to get tails wagging as we believe treating the family means treating the dog too.

Specially made with Marshfield Farm fresh farm milk and added a lactase enzyme to reduce the lactose for those with sensitive tummies.  With decreased fat and sugar content (from the Marshfield Farm Vanilla in Clotted Cream recipe), and added vitamins, antioxidants and omega 3 oils.

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Pet Products for Dogs​

Ancol is a family-owned and family-run business. Founded in 1971 by Ann and Colin Lane, Ancol was originally a manufacturer of superior quality leather collars and leads for dogs. The range developed to include items for cats and coats for dogs,  and other pet accessories soon followed.

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Tug-e-nuff Dog Gear
Pet Products for Dogs​

Exciting and engaging toys that get dogs feeling fired up and tough enough to withstand hours upon hours of play.  All the toys are handmade in Exmouth, on the Devon coast in the UK, using only top quality, sustainably-sourced materials. They’ve been featured on TV shows from The Apprentice to Channel 5’s The Dog Rescuers and BBC Two’s Me and My Dog.

Order direct from Tug-e-nuff online,  QUOTE - PPS for free delivery.

Skinner's Dog Food
Born to be Outdoors

There’s no greater feeling than being out in the great outdoors, and it’s even better with a dog by your side. A British family business with over 50 years of nutritional know-how, rooted in canine science and a lifetime with our dogs.

Talk to our Dog Trainer for more information on Skinner's Dog Food.

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