There is nothing more satisfying than owning a dog that you have trained yourself. A good recall is one of the first things that you will notice about a well-trained dog; they will be under control, alert and aware of their owner, even with distractions. A much greater element of control is at a distance when you can relax even in the park where your concentration may not always be on the dog. 

Our experienced handlers can get you and your dog to whatever level you are able to maintain and are comfortable with. You will also benefit from having great fun and exercise with your dog.

Socialise, learn and improve your paw-eye co-ordination...


Pup-ordination offers puppy and adult dog training classes with a twist. We combine basic and advanced obedience skills with proprioception exercises.  

Throughout a five week course, your dog will learn important obedience skills and combine them with fun proprioceptive exercises and obstacles.


We also offer one to one lessons, free advice, puppy training classes, adult dog training classes and proprioception workshops.  All lessons and workshops take place at the Doggy Daycare Centre, an all weather facility.

Starting with basic skills, depending on your dog's current skill level, and incorporating proprioception for more impressive tricks and a well rounded dog.

Pup-ordination will build a bond with your dog, and give them essential skills for life.  Suitable for dogs of all ages.


What is Propriception?

Proprioception is the awareness of the body and how to use it. Good proprioception increases dogs self-control and sense of self and can even help to  prevent injury.

Proprioceptive exercises will improve balance, confidence, core strength,  co-ordination and self-awareness.

It is very useful for your dog in training for many reasons.  It is also a great tool to help nervous dogs gain confidence. 

Most importantly, it is fun for you and your dog and incorporates obedience.  Suitable for dogs of all ages.


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