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Dog Training and Behaviourist

At Perfect Dog Training we have a place for all your dog training needs.  We offer a broad range of dog training services including:  

  • A range of modern training techniques, choosing the best fit for you dog.

  • In depth understanding of dogs of a vast variety of breeds, ages and backgrounds.

  • Opportunities to access training online through pre-made programs or on a one-to-one basis.

  • In-person training, using our own trained assessment dogs to help your dog when needed.

Pet Dog Training
Creating a training plan for your dog ...
We specialise in creating a training program to suit you.  One-to-one Puppy Training, Puppy & Foundation Classes, Home Visits, Advanced Obedience Classes, Adult One-to-one Obedience and Yound Handler Training.  

Behavioural Training
Understanding and shaping your dog's behaviour....

As dog behaviourists we focus on shaping behaviours in dogs and work with dogs displaying behaviour problems. We can recognise how and why your dog’s behaviour is abnormal, and can effectively teach you how to understand and work with your dog.  In addition to this we spend time teaching owners/families and children about the way they interact with their dog, giving them the education and guidance needed.

Dog Skills Training
Advanced training to challenge your dog...

We offer a range of advanced training options for your pet dog.   Scent Detection, Pet Gundog Training, Diabetes detection, Therapy and Assistance Dog Training, Trick Training and Agility Foundation Skills.

Online Dog Training
Training in your own time...

Whatever the skill you want to train, we can offer a range of online training programs.  These can be completed at your own speed, in the confort of your own home.  From puppy foundation skills to advanced tricks, we've got you covered.

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