Whether it's for a few hours or the entire day, boredom, lounging around the house and excess energy can lead to separation anxiety, barking and destructive behaviour.
Your dog could enjoy the day being exercised and attended to by our friendly, qualified and professional team. Meeting new play mates and having stimulating experiences in a safe controlled environment at the Doggy Daycare Centre. The dogs spend the entire day playing, running, socialising and exploring before returning home happy and relaxed.
Throughout the day your dog will be under constant supervision at the Doggy Daycare Centre. No dogs are left unattended at any time. The centre is heated throughout the colder weather to keep your perfect dog comfortable.  A collection and return service is available.
We have a fully qualified and licenced staff available at all times.
ON YOUR FIRST VISIT to the Perfect Doggy Daycare Centre you will need to bring your dogs up to date Vaccination Certificate and complete a short Registration Form.  Please read our Terms & Conditions.
A FREE OF CHARGE assessment will be carried out lasting for approximately 2 hours.  This is to establish your dogs suitability and also to ease your dog into any unfamiliar circumstances. Great care is taken with new and nervous dogs to introduce them carefully to their new friends.  Puppies under the age of 24 weeks are entitled to FREE sessions.  Ask for details.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION - following the Kennel Cough vaccine your dog should not come into contact with any other dog for 14 days, and therefore will not be permitted into the Daycare Centre for that period.

There are no registration or joining fees, use us at your convenience. 

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