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How to care for your dog's teeth

You should begin getting your puppy used to a toothbrush as soon as you can. This will help when your puppy begins losing its puppy teeth at around 4-6 months of age when you can introduce toothpaste. Try to brush at least two times a week using an enzymatic dog toothpaste and a brush. 

Never use human toothpaste as this is toxic to dog.

Use the brush and clean in small circular motions. To begin with just do small areas and stop if your dog becomes agitated. Do a small amount then stop, treat and praise and then try a bit more.

Indications of dental problems could include …  Red or swollen gums – missing teeth – fractured teeth – bad breath – changes in colour of teeth.

If your dog had any of these problems, please seek advice from your vet.

Treatment available at Perfect Pet Services


Perfect Pet Services have now introduced an Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning Service

Emmi-pet, with its unique and patented dental care system, is now setting a new trend for a completely new kind of dental cleaning and oral hygiene. It is gentle, motionless and does not involve brushing or any abrasive action! This revolutionary method is based on a globally unique patent – the Ultrasonic Piezo-Chip created by Emmi-dent. This Piezo-Chip sits in the head of the ultrasonic toothbrush and generates up to 96 million ultrasonic waves (air vibrations) per minute. These ultrasound waves are then transferred, via the bristles of the toothbrush head, onto Emmi-pet's specially formulated toothpaste. At this point 'micro bubbles' are generated, which react with the air vibrations and implode. These implosions effectively eliminate and remove food particles, plaque and bacteria from within your pet’s mouth. 

Every dog is different therefore we cannot guarantee the result or number of appointments needed to complete a satisfactory outcome. On average 2-5 sessions are needed before moving onto maintenance appointments. For optimum results, it is recommended to have an ultrasound dental treatment weekly to maintain your dog’s oral health, less frequent visits are likely to be less effective. We recommend this treatment is accompanied by a home routine to help withhold pets’ dental hygiene.

The purpose of the cleaning is to help maintain your pet’s dental health. Tartar, plaque, stains, and bacteria will be gradually removed from the teeth during the course. The staff may use additional tools to help aid this process. There may be some minor signs of blood on the gum line during and after teeth cleaning as the tartar and the plaque is broken down. The teeth cleaning service is not a substitute for a veterinary inspection and staff are not qualified to diagnose abnormalities or disease. The client must let staff know of any medical reason why teeth cleaning cannot be carried out on their pet. 

First treatment is £30  

Further treatments are £15. 

The first treatment session lasts approximately 30-40 minutes.  Your dog/temperament and the condition of its teeth will depend on the number of sessions needed.

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