Bathing and Brushing
Bathing and brushing your small animal will not only keep them clean, but helps to maintain a healthy, shiny coat.  It is also important to prevent matts, especially in long haired animals, and minimise shedding in short haired animals.
Guinea pigs and rabbits are close to the ground so can easily become dirty, wet and matted, which if left can lead to great discomfort and even infection. A full groom will get rid of any dirt, wetness or matting. Nail trim and ear cleaning included.
Longer haired animals hair can become overgrown and hard to maintain, a full groom and style will eliminate this problem, leaving your small animal feeling comfortable and looking fresh.*

Toe Nail Trims
Small animal toe nails grow constantly, which can cause them pain and discomfort if allowed to grow too long. Very young guinea pig's/ rabbit's nails are short and sharp, which can be blunted by regular nail clipping and filing. We recommend that Guinea pigs and rabbits kept as pets require nail clipping at least once a month as their nails do not receive enough wear to keep them at suitable length.
Ear Cleaning

Small animals have earwax, which provides a haven for bacterial build up. Regular cleaning of the ears will prevent serious health issues due to parasites and infection. Aside from the possible harm, earwax build up can become uncomfortable for your small pet.

Prices start at £10.00


(No other service needed)


Prices indicated are a guide and estimate. Subject to the size and condition of your small animal, changes and extra charges may apply. All breeds welcome.

* If your pet is severely matted and, after assessment, we feel unable to safely dematt you may be advised to visit your vet.

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