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At Perfect Dog Grooming our professional dog groomers and the team take pride in the high standard of service and care that we offer to all our clients. We offer a warm friendly environment where you can be sure your dog will be treated with care and respect by our fully qualified dog groomers who will give your dog the best attention. Your dog will be washed and bathed, pampered and trimmed to highest standard and will leave smelling beautiful and with a wag in their tail. 
We offer a range of packages that will suit all your dogs needs and use only the best shampoos and conditioners along with the highest quality equipment.
Full Groom
Our full groom treatment includes everything your dog needs to look and feel good.  2 shampoos, 1 conditioning treatment, warm blow dry, custom coat styling.   Nail clip, paw trim, ear hair plucked (if necessary) and cleaned all finished with a luxury canine cologne.

Puppy Package
Recommended for puppies as soon as they have had their vaccinations, thus introducing your pup to the benefits of grooming. A gentle brush through will be followed by a relaxing body wash using  gentle shampoo for puppies. The shampoo helps conditions and adds texture to your puppies coat. A warm blow dry encourages your pup to relax in the grooming environment ready for future appointments.
Dog Grooming
Bath & Brush
A great way to prevent matting and keeps your dogs coat in good condition. This includes 2 shampoos, 1 conditioning treatment, a warm blow dry and *brush out, finished with our luxury canine cologne.
*Please note that the brush out does not include de-matting/de-shedding, these are extra chargeable services.
Bath & Dry
For dogs that are always on the go keeping your dogs coat in good condition. This includes 2 shampoos, 1 conditioning treatment, a warm blow dry and finished with our luxury canine cologne.
Hand Stripping
Hand stripping is available for dogs with appropriate coats.  The process of hand-stripping involves removing the dead hairs from the top coat by pulling them out from the roots rather than simply trimming them down. Removing the hairs entirely creates room for the new coat to grow in. This includes 2 shampoos, 1 conditioning treatment, a warm blow dry and finished with our luxury canine cologne.
Custom De-Matting
This service is offered to dogs of a suitable age, condition and temperament and depends on the severity of matting. This service will incur extra charge depending on the extra time required.
Nail Trims/Clipping
Nail trimming as required. Unless your pet is a very active outdoor dog its nails will need to be trimmed on a regular basis – anywhere from once a week to once a month.  
This is a FREE service - no other service needed.
Custom De-Shedding

For those dogs that need that extra brushing...nearly every dog sheds hair,  some dogs have more hair or thicker undercoats and will shed more.  We cannot stop a dog from shedding but we can help reduce the problem.

Our specialised de shedding treatment gently removes the undercoat and loose hair.  Add this to our Bath & Dry to complete the treatment.

Ear Cleaning
Many dogs have ears that require regular cleaning.  Gentle professional ear cleaning will result in fewer infection.
Deluxe Pamper Facial
A deluxe treat for your special dog. This includes a blueberry facial massage, a soothing ear clean and finished off with a gentle nose wax massage.  Our facial acts as an exfoliation helping to reduce tear staining.
Dog Grooming Facial
Grooming and Bathing costs vary according to the size and condition of your dog. 
All breeds welcome.

The perfect grooming experience for your pet.

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